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We’ve been waiting to tell you we’re waiting…

by | Aug 1, 2018

We couldn’t wait to tell you all that we’re officially waiting for baby Muller! We are adopting!

We’re home study-approved. We have our profile books. We’ve completed the applications to 7 agencies across the country through a company Christian Adoption Consultants. Finally, after months and months, we are officially waiting to get matched with an expectant mom and her baby.

The biggest question we always get is “When?”

I’ll post more on the process later, but the short answer is “Any time!” CAC’s average length to match is 4-10 months (which is very short in terms of the national average), and then we wait until baby is born. Because we are adopting out of state (I’ll also explain this a little bit more later), we will take an adventure to that state and get to take our little bundle of joy home from the hospital. I think it’s pretty cool that our baby will likely have her first flight in before she turns a month old… hopefully she’s going to love travel as much as we do. 🤣

Another question is “Why adoption?”

Ever since we started dating, adoption has been something we have talked about and known that we would pursue. However, our initial plan was to have a biological baby first, and then adopt. After two years of trying, we decided that was a clear direction that we should adopt first and maybe, someday have a biological baby (Lord willing). Shockingly, I haven’t grieved infertility nearly as much as I figured I would… but enough on that. I’ll save that for another post, another day.

We can’t wait for our dream of being parents to become a reality and we are much much closer now.

PS. The sign says “Paper pregnant”