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Root, Root, Root for the Home Team

by | Oct 14, 2018

Have you ever been feeling sad without realizing it? Just out of sorts. Then, someone does something so incredibly sweet and it warms your heart and lifts you up, and you realize how bummed you were and now you are so happy because your heart is warmed and you realize you aren’t as sad?

Not sure if that even made sense to you, but being on the emotional rollercoaster called adoption has been rough on the Muller clan. Seeing many many of our sweet friends wearing their home team shirts today (completely planned but we had no idea) at church was yet another unexpected reminder of how much support and love we are surrounded by and how excited everyone is for our sweet girl to come home—whenever that may be!

It reminded us that life is meant to be done with a whole team around you, cheering you on, supporting you. We are lucky enough to have some of our team identified in matching T-shirt’s and at this point, the visual was very appreciated!

If you have sent us a photo of you in your home team shirt or a message or tagged us, we are creating a big photo collage of it so we love love love the photos! Keep them coming! Thank you who have sent them up to this point! Thanks to everyone who is praying, encouraging, supporting, giving baby girl gifts, and showing extra care to us. It is going in our sweet girl’s journal and I can’t wait to tell her about all the amazing people that helped us get to her (and not totally lose it before that happened).

Thanks home team. You are loved more than you know!