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A Two-Month Time-Lapse

by | Dec 8, 2018

Have you ever seen a time-lapse video where you watch something that could have taken hours or days unfold on video in just 20 or 30 seconds? Our past couple months have been like that!


Late in October, we found out we’d received an adoption grant from an organization called OrphansAll through RiverTree church here in our area. This wasn’t just a little pocket change, though. We were blessed with a donation-matching adoption grant for $7,500! It meant any amount our friends and family contributed toward our adoption would be doubled. The not-for-profit organization managing the donations—Lifesong for Orphans—allows donations to be tax-exempt for those who give. But it also meant those gifts will be administered toward our legal fees, agency costs, etc. in a way that would be received as a tax-exempt grant for us.


But to get the most of the match, we had to turn to you—our Home Team—for help.


If we’re friends on social media, you’ve probably seen us posting and re-posting about a weird, red geometrical shape. So here’s the idea: Each of the uncolored, numbered spaces, from 1 to 122, represented an amount toward our matching grant. As spaces were claimed and given, we’d color in the space and eventually fill it with a photo of the person who gave. Once everything was colored in, we’d not only reach our goal, but we’d have a mural of family and friends to share with our future daughter.


So… that’s the end of October and beginning of November. Fast-forward to now, a few days into December. Our Home Team has filled in every space. (Did you catch that, team?!) Every. Space. Is. Full.


The picture revealed was a poppy: Not only a symbol of remembering those you love, but also the namesake for our little one.


Because of the goodness of God and the support of so many people like you, we are at total peace with the financial piece of adoption. We asked you for something big, and you all swung for the fences. You all lifted us up on your shoulders and supported us beyond belief. Even on the hard days of waiting for a match, for the day we finally bring her home, you all have carried us through.


So here’s the video just before the last few spaces were filled and what our last couple months have felt like—a time-lapse of love, and challenges, and hope, and prayer. Thank you for all you’ve done for us, Home Team.