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A Lucky Break

by | Aug 30, 2018

A couple weeks ago, we are helping to clean up from an event at the church, when I misstep and roll my ankle. I’ve fallen and I can’t get up. (Ope, it’s broken.)


The only thing as good as my coordination is my timing.


We have Katie’s grandparents’ 70th anniversary the next day. Katie is starting back to teaching the next week. There are piles of adoption paperwork to finish, and print, and mail. And now 2 hours later I’m in a cast. With crutches.


I am a fairly nice person—until I’m injured and helpless. (Ask Katie: She has stories.)


But then, something amazing happens. Forced to slow down, we get to make this page a reality. We get to watch and be amazed at you—our “Home Team”—as the love, and support, and encouragement over our adoption rolls in over the past week and a half.


We couldn’t have planned on any of this—the good, the bad, the broken. But we’ll work on being grateful in it all, because we know that all of it is making us more into the people and parents that we’re meant to be.


Thanks for being on our Home Team. (You are awesome.)