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Our family is growing through adoption.

Here's our story and how you can be part of our “Home Team”
Join Our Team

We are so ready for this.

Even before we were married, we talked about adoption as part of our future as a family. We both have close friends and family whose lives have been impacted by adoption, and we have always wanted to make that part of our life, too.

We initially thought we might have biological children first and then adopt. But after two years of trying to have kids, we decided that it was less important to try and “time it all out,“ and more important to embrace the role as parents we were meant for.

We’re so ready to be first-time parents, and we can’t wait to welcome a new baby home with open arms along with our friends and family!

We want you on our Home Team!

We’d love to have you on this journey with us! We made some shirts, prints, and a donation page for friends and family to join the “Home Team” and help bring baby Muller home.


Buy a Home Team


  • $14 of your purchase price goes toward our adoption fund.
  • Designed by Jake.
  • Orders fulfilled by friends and family.
  • Super-soft triblend (Poly/cotton/rayon).

Buy an Ohio


  • $18 of your purchase price goes toward our adoption fund.
  • Designed by Jake.
  • Orders fulfilled by friends and family.
  • Ready-to-frame in a white matte.
  • 5x7 dimensions (8x10 including matte).

Make a direct

Grateful for every gift.

  • Processed through Lifesong for Orphans.
  • Donations are tax-deductible to you, and we receive them as a tax-deductible grant.
  • 100% of every check, and 97% of every online donation (2% covers credit card processing fees) goes 
Designs © Jake Muller Co. 2018


Why $20.19? We’re hoping next year is the year we’re matched and/or get to bring baby home!

  • Our Goal: Raise $20,000 90% 90%

Based on research and average domestic adoption costs, our adoption will probably cost between $35,000-40,000, plus travel and stays. Our hope is to raise close to half of what we believe will be needed, and cover the rest through savings, grants, and other available funds.

  • 100% 100%

Shirt-O-Meter: Complete!

Here’s how many shirts we’ve sold so far!

Our adoption by the numbers

Every adoption story is unique. Here’s a little bit more about ours!

Pages of paperwork (and counting)

Agencies applied to

Month avg. match time

Months waiting so far

Here are some questions people are asking.

“How long before you get matched?”
The short answer is, “We don’t know.” We are working with a company called Christian Adoption Consultants that helps you apply to multiple agencies across the U.S. Their average time to match families is 4-10 months, but it’s always possible that it’s shorter or longer for us to match!
“But have you tried...?”
Yes, we’ve been trying to have biological kids for a while. No, we haven’t exhausted every medical measure or method available, and that’s OK with us.

Adoption is not our fallback plan. We’ve always wanted to adopt, and we’re ready to start the journey to parenthood. Knowing adoption can take up to 2-3 years, we decided now was a good time to start the process.

“Isn't foster care less expensive?”
Yes, it absolutely is. There are way too many deserving kids that need a home. There are also a lot of amazing people who provide that care. We may be in a place to do that one day, but we agreed that we’d start here before considering what’s next.

For us it was not a matter of cost but about what we determined we are best-equipped to provide at this stage in life.

“Are you adopting domestically or internationally?”
We are adopting domestically. Some people might be surprised by this since we both love different cultures and international travel.

However, we’re also pursuing an infant adoption, and, based on our research on constantly-changing international restrictions, that was not going to be possible in our situation. We may eventually adopt again and will consider that route!

“Why aren't you adopting from Ohio?”
Ohio is one of many states that present a lot of significant legal hurdles and red tape to adoptive parents. The adoption fall-through rate can be as high as 40%, and you can wait weeks up to months before you can bring baby home. Right now, the most direct route to adopt an infant in Ohio is through foster care. Like we mentioned earlier, we both determined that foster care is not something we are ready to provide at this point.

Right now, the potential states we’d adopt from are Florida, Indiana, Texas, Arizona, Utah, and Nevada. Why these states? Each of these states have a short time (24 hours) between when baby is born and signing the parental rights paperwork. This ultimately leads to less failed adoption situations.

Another advantage of adopting out-of-state that we are allowed to specify gender. It has always been our dream to adopt a baby girl. (We’d also be open to twins—boy or girl!)

“Are you expecting us to fundraise your entire adoption?”
Not at all! We both want to be significantly invested in this entire process.

We’re both working side jobs, applying for grants, researching tax credits, and building up savings in order to cover everything we possibly can without exhausting our savings.

The reality is that adoption is really expensive. It’s potentially $30,000-$40,000 all-in (excluding travel and lodging). That goes toward medical and day-to-day living costs for the expectant mom, legal fees, and agency costs.

Between our agency applications, home study, background checks, profile books, home inspections, etc. we’ve already invested 10% of that cost. It is so worth it! We just want to be up-front and honest when asked about the cost!

Recent Updates

Here’s the latest about our adoption.

Abortion in light of adoption

Abortion. It’s a hot button topic lately and I am sure that some of you reading this are all up in arms already, ready to pounce all over what I have to say next.

When adoption is not worth it… yet

When adoption is not worth it… yet.   It has been a rough two weeks here in the Muller house. We got a situation in our email a couple Thursdays ago that held the description of my baby—the “perfect” one that I had envisioned in my brain. I ran downstairs to tell...


    We shared with a few of our family and friends over the weekend that we'd be presenting to a birth mom—our second time. We were nervous, but we stepped forward as a willing family for a baby girl that was already-born at just 25 weeks and who was waiting...

A Two-Month Time-Lapse

Have you ever seen a time-lapse video where you watch something that could have taken hours or days unfold on video in just 20 or 30 seconds? Our past couple months have been kind of like that.

Root, Root, Root for the Home Team

Have you ever been feeling sad without realizing it? Just out of sorts. Then, someone does something so incredibly sweet and it warms your heart and lifts you up, and you realize how bummed you were and now you are so happy because your heart is warmed and you realize...

Can’t Help Falling in Love

I’ll fully admit… I never expected to be crying to an Elvis song in my car at 7am in the morning.

Ways you can pray

1. For the expectant mama.

Making a birth plan for a child takes a lot of love, and trust, and courage. Pray for her peace of mind and well-being.

2. For future baby Muller.

We cannot wait to welcome her home! Pray for a safe, healthy start to her life.

3. For both of us.

Pray for patience and peace on our part.